Pre-Adoption Robotics & Automation

Our Pre-adoption SME Cohort programme is expertly designed for clients looking to adopt robotics.

Module 1: Industry Analysis

  1. Is robotics right for your business?                                          
  2. What challenge would robotics solve?

Module 2: Benefits & Barriers

  1. What has prevented uptake of robotics to date?                               
  2. How can the benefits of robotics be extracted?                                 
  3. How can the benefits be leveraged into business growth or operational improvements?

Module 3: Making the Right Investment

  1. Understanding the immediate and ongoing costs of robotics                                       
  2. Hardware and software costs                                    
  3. Maintenance and upgrades costs                                             
  4. Understanding the right investment level for your business needs

Module 4: Culture & Skills

  1. What skills are required and what skill gaps do you need to fill?                                  
  2. Planning for upskilling over time                                               
  3. Accessing new skills and attracting new talent    

Module 5: Implementation

  1. Developing a programme for implementation of robotics                                              
  2. How to avoid business disruption during the implementation phase                                         
  3. How to manage implementation effectively, so reduce delays and risk of failure