Post Adoption Robotics & Automation

Our Post-adoption SME Cohort programme is academically & technically designed for clients looking to maximise the benefits of their investment.

Module 1: Data gathering and analysis

  1. What do you need to know and what data can be gathered?                                       
  2. Hardware required for data gathering                                    
  3. Use of monitoring and evaluation methods to evaluate the impact of robotics on the business

Module 2: Improving Business Operations

  1. How can robots you have improve existing operations?                                 
  2. What operations could be implemented to replace pre-adoption operations that are no longer effective?                                               
  3. Ensuring robotics positively impacts business operations and productivity

Module 3: Product development, improvement & new services

  1. Using robotics to improve existing products and develop new ones                                          
  2. How to better utilise and manage your supply chain using robotics                                           
  3. Developing new business services with robotics

Module 4: Robotics and PR

  1. Leveraging innovation investment for positive publicity                                  
  2. Attracting new customers through innovation                                    
  3. Innovation and customer retention: how to pitch robotics effectively to existing customers