Introduction to Robotics & Automation

The new North of England Robotics Innovation Centre (NERIC) would like to welcome SMEs to a fully funded workshop designed to provide an interactive introduction to Robotics & Automation through the lens of an SME. Here at NERIC we have launched a new SME support programme, teaming up expert academics and experienced robotics consultants in the field of Robotics and Automation, to develop and deliver this one-day SME interactive workshop. This 6-hour workshop is broken down into x5 45-minute bitesize chunks packed with expertise & knowledge, designed with SMEs in mind.

The workshops will provide an overview of the current state of the robotics sector. A virtual tour of the University of Salford ‘Robotics Laboratory will get you thinking about the opportunity’s robotics can present for your business. With your interest primed, the NERIC team will then guide you through some of the different approaches to creating & selecting ideas, planning, and implementing robotics & automation, as well as how NERIC can support you through the wider programme of support.

Part funded by European Regional Development Fund, with additional support from Research England

Title: Gaining the Competitive Edge with Robotics and Automation

Date: Friday 12th November

Timing 09:00-16:30pm

Location: Online

Workshop Sessions

Workshop 1: Robotics and Automation Myth Busting

The first and perhaps the most important takeaway from this workshop is that robots are real! and it is a rapidly growing market. Yes, there are many depictions of robots in fiction, in books, TVs and movies, but there are several real robotics and automation worldwide integrated in everyday life. In this Bitesize robotics myth busting session, Dr Matt Southgate will answer all your weird and wonderful questions around Robotics & Automation, with the aim to dispel myths and stigma around the industry and integration of robotics.                 

Workshop 2: Let’s Talk about Robotics and Automation

If you ask people today to say what a robot looks like, they’re either going to tell you about a fictional robot, like R2D2 or they’re going to mention a manufacturing robot arms. There are more than 1 million of them and they underpin a lot of modern manufacturing of automobiles, electronic devices and many more. Dr Theo will lead this session with a focus on an introduction to Robotics & Automation, with a virtual tour of the Robotics Labs at University of Salford. In this session businesses will get familiar with the term Robot, how to identify whether a machine is a Robot or an autonomous bot, Robotics, and aspects of Robotics & Automation. The workshop will provide you with an introduction to R&A, the current facilities we have and how we use them.            

Workshop 3: Honing Your Idea in Robotics and Automation

R&A Robotics & Automation development is changing how the world gets work done, so where do you start? Robotics & automation requires careful study, planning, and implementation, with numerous factors to consider when starting a Robotics & Automation R&A implementation. This session will take you through stages of honing your idea(s) in Robotics & Automation. Prof Theo will guide you through key idea stages and points to think about when honing your idea, including whether Robotics & Automation R&A is right for your business.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Workshop 4: Planning your idea in Robotics and Automation

Now you’ve got your Idea, how are you planning on using it? This workshop will talk businesses through key areas of planning Robotics & Automation R&A for your business. During this workshop, you will explore the end-to-end automation planning process to showcase a preview of the Robotics & Automation R&A journey. This session will support you to understand the importance of potential errors, refinement, and modifications. This phase establishes the groundwork for future operational models for a smooth transition into the long-term Robotics & Automation R&A strategy.

Workshop 5: How to implement Robotics and Automation

As with the introduction of any new technology or process, there are some potential barriers or risks to overcome when implementing a new robotics & autonomous system. Before getting down to the actual execution, it is imperative to devise a meticulous and structured implementation approach which will define the contours of your overall strategy. This workshop has been designed to understand the stages in implementing robotics & automation in a business.

Consultancy Hours

Following the completion of the 6-hour workshop, some SMEs may be eligible for a two-hour consultation meeting with a member NERIC’s team of robotics and automation academics and technology consultants.