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Programme Overview

The SME innovation support offer ensures beneficiaries secure access to the expertise and guidance they need to build knowledge and take forward new products and applications.

The SME programme is a blend between online workshops launching in November 2021, with face-to-face workshops starting in Early 2022. There is no cost to participating companies subject to SME eligibility and the locations vary within the Greater Manchester area.

The workshops include group interactive sessions, which are a great opportunity for businesses to network and connect. The programme also includes one-to-one sessions with our NERIC Robotics Team and University of Salford Academic expertise for eligible SMEs, enabling companies to take away tailored business strategy and action plans.


You’ll attend a full-day interactive online workshop, followed by a one-to-one Robotic action planning and feedback consultancy session with a member of our NERIC team.

Phase 1: 2021

Introduction to Robotics & Automation

Launching November 2021

  1. Robotics and Automation Myth Busting
  2. Let’s Talk about Robotics & Automation
  3. Honing Your Idea in Robotics and Automation
  4. Planning your idea in Robotics & Automation     
  5. How to implement Robotics & Automation

Phase 2: 2022

Pre-Adoption Robotics & Automation

Launching early 2022

  1. Industry Analysis
  2. Benefits & Barriers
  3. Making the Right Investment
  4. Culture & Skills
  5. Implementation

Post Adoption Robotics & Automation

Launching early 2022

  1. Data gathering and analysis
  2. Improving Business Operations
  3. Product development, improvement & new services
  4. Robotics and PR